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Straw as a fuel

  • The burning of straw for power producing purposes can be a full substitute for any conventional fossil fuel
  • The price of one unit of straw used as a fuel is lower than other biomasses. The market of straw respective to its price has not, unlike wood chips, been damaged by massive purchasing for the purpose of co-combustion in large power sources. We cannot expect a similar market trend
  • The thermal energy gained is of full value, with parameters suitable for heating, steam technology or the production of electricity in a steam turbine
  • Straw, as a source of energy, is widely available in most agriculturally productive regions, and its production can be planned
  • There are technological barriers against the massive expansion of straw burning; it is not possible to co-combust straw in existing technology
  • The burning of straw is waste-free. The residue after burning (a mixture of slag and fly ash) can be used as an organo-mineral fertilizer
  • Straw is not a commonly used fuel for energy purposes due to its specific characteristics, and technological demands
  • Straw is not a commercially available commodity; the fuel must be processed from its very beginning in the field, all the way to the boiler

BFS Energo has the technical experience and the relevant know-how that will turn the burning of straw into your competitive advantage.

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BFS realizuje generální dodávku elektrokotle 12MW pro účely regulace výkonové rovnováhy v elektrické přenosové soustavě


Generální dodávka výtopny Kutná Hora spalujících biomasu ukončena. Výtopenské kotle 10, 6 a 2,5MWt předány do trvalého provozu.


V průběhu března a května podepsány nové smlouvy na generální dodávku horkovodních kotlů 2,5MW a 6MW. Výstavba horkovodního přivaděče pro Kutnou horu finišuje.


Energetické investiční celky Kutná Hora Komplex článku, který byl stěžejním tématem v časopisu All For Power - září 2013.